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  • What information do I need when scheduling an appointment to sell my vehicle?
    • Our sales team will ask:

      • the vehicle's location (address)
      • a convenient 3 hour window of time you are available on the day and time you choose for your appointment
      • your name
      • a contact phone number
      • if you have documentation proving proof of ownership of the vehicle**
      • an ID

      **Lack of documentation such as a title doesn't necessarily mean you won't be able to sell your vehicle. Ask our friendly sales people for help if you can't find your documents.

  • Do I need to be there when you pick up my car?
    • You may not need to be present at the time of pickup if you've made prior arrangements. However, if you’d like to receive your payment on the spot, you will need to arrange for someone to meet our driver.
  • Can I reschedule a pick-up?
    • Yes, but be sure to do so at least 2 hours before we arrive on scene. Call us at 612-236-6687 to reschedule.


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Amazing!!! 10 STARS!!
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AMAZING!!! One simple phone call and the no good piece of not worth another dime to me was gone within a few hours!!
I highly recommend this company to anyone who likes working with honest reliable service. I can’t believe they paid me I feel like I should be paying them!! 10 STARS

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I give them 5 stars for sure!
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The went out of his way to make sure he got here to pick up my jeep be for I had to start work I give them 5 stars for sure

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Fantastic Experience!
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Ben Berndt - about a month ago

I called Monday morning, was assigned a 3 hour time frame (9am to noon) that day. Greg called to give an Eta, showed up on time (10:30). He was friendly, professional, and was able to make the process painless for me. Total time was maybe 5 to 10 minutes for title transfer, payment, and load. Cash was in line with what I expected and I am thrilled to have some extra space in my driveway.

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Great Experience!
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David Bambenek - 1 month ago

What a great experience I had with Shawn from MN Towing and
Sell a Junker! He was honest and professional and took the time to educate me about the process. MN Towing even takes care of the title transfer and I received a fair payment for my car. Yes, I researched other companies, but I'm extremely happy I found MN Towing and Sell a Junker. Thanks Shawn!

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Highly Recommend!
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Jackie - 4 months ago

Everyone from Dee (dispatch) to Tyler (called to give us a rough estimate) to Dean who came and picked up our two vehicles were ALL awesome! Professional, nice and very helpful! We've never used a service like this before so we needed some guidance. Everyone we spoke to was super willing to talk us through the process! I would highly recommend these guys! They were GREAT!

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Professional, Punctual, Thanks!!
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Sharla Scullen - 4 months ago

I contacted MN Towing & SellAJunker and was so lucky that Shawn was available to come pick up our old Tribute and even older Jaguar (our project!). Shawn was awesome - great communicator, arrived when he said he would, super friendly, careful and conscientious, and even offered to take the Jaguar ornament off the hood for me to keep as a keepsake! He gave us a fair offer for our vehicles and best of all I got my garage back! Thanks Shawn!
I highly recommend this business if you have an old vehicle you need gone whether it runs (our Tribute did) or not (the Jag). Thanks MN Towing!

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$300 In Less Than an Hour!!
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Stephanie Hammond - 1 month ago

I needed to get rid of my junk car well Matt from MN towing and sell a junker was there within an hour of me calling which was very impressive not only that but he was very friendly...In less than an hour I got rid of my car and had $300 bucks in my pocket I highly recommend this company if your getting rid of your vehicle they are very fast and dependable...they rock

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I will ALWAYS call these guys first!
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Katie Blume - 10 months ago

Just chiming in with other reviewers - I will ALWAYS call these guys first! Super fast, very punctual, compassionate and kind. Thank you guys so much for making it happen before my daughter’s nap time! You rock!

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Respectful & Professional!
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Seth Dorrel - 1 year ago

This is a great company to work with. They were very professional when they came to my door to pick up my broken down Chevy pickup. They treated me with respect. They showed up when they told me they were going to, got The truck loaded up with no problems and didn’t make any marks in my lawn at all. I would highly recommend these guys to get the job done.

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Got More Than I Was Quoted!
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Mark Satterstrom - 1 month ago

When my 20 year old car, with 271,000 miles on it died, I was told by my local mechanic, who is a long time friend, the most I might get for it was $200. I called a few local salvage yards and the best offer I got was $150. The people at MN Towing replied to my online request for an estimate, and said they could be out anytime that day, or any other day, and they would pay me the $200.
When Shawn came out he was very friendly, looked at the car for a couple minutes, and said he'd give me the $200 and haul it away. I asked if there was any chance he could go a little higher, making it clear that, if not, I would still accept the pre-agreed upon $200. He ran some calculations and then said, "Sure, I can give you $280." How often does a company pay more than they have to for a scrap car? I would recommend these guys, especially Shawn, without any hesitation. What a nice surprise that was!!!

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Extremely Fast!!
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sydnee lawrence - 6 months ago

I was very pleased with the service that I received. I was having a crazy day as is and was eerie about Junking my truck. The lovely lady who set my appointment was super nice and very helpful. Not only did they come extremely fast but When Shawn came he helped turn my whole day around. He is a great dude and I will be referring MN towing & Sell a Junker to EVERYBODY I know. Thank you for being great Shawn!

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Mike is a family man and local Minnesota business owner of MN Towing and Sell a Junker.
Meet Mike!
Mike is a family man and local Minnesota business owner of MN Towing and Sell a Junker.