• What is a vehicle Title?
    • The title of a car is a legal document that provides proof of ownership of a vehicle. MN Vehicle Tiltle
      The information found on a title differs by state but always includes the vehicle identification number (VIN).
  • Can I sell my vehicle if I do not have the title?
  • Is a car's title and registration the same thing?
    • car's title is a document that establishes the owner of a registered vehicle, while a car's registration allows the car to be driven on public roads. Vehicle registrations need to be renewed every year or two, while car titles do not.
      Vehicle RegistrationTabs registration & renewal paperworkTabs Renewal Notice


  • Can I sell my car if I owe money on it?
    • It may still be possible to sell your car even if you have a lien or owe money to a third party. Call us today at (612) 326-6687 and we will work with you to see if this might be possible for you.
  • How do I know if my car has a lien? (money still owed on it)
    • Look at the top, left hand section of the vehicle title. If it's paid for it will look like this:
      Title with no lien
  • What documents do I need for my appointment?
    • If you have a title, great! Well just need that and an ID.
    • Don't have a title? Depending on the year of your vehicle we may not require it, but will ask if you have insurance paperwork (old or new, doesn't need to be active), tabs registration renewal notices or registration papers, or the keys.